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February 02, 2009

Cosplay (^o^)/

Hello teens!
How are you guys?!

Last Saturday, I went to Fashion Hub @ Mal Kelapa Gading with some of my friends. Do you have any idea why did I go to that place?!

If you are a cosplayer, you will know the answer.. xD

Yeap, that day I went 2 see a talk show about cosplay! Too bad, the talk show was damn boring! But only looking at those cosplayer already enough..

Well, cosplay is now a very well-known activities for indonesian esp teens. Japanese culture is well accepted here. So many teenagers love Japanese fashion, lifestyle, anime, manga and much more. They do dreaming to live to Japan (^^), talking in Nihongo and seems very proud to have some real Japanese friends. Why? Why Japanese culture become so popular even in USA?

If you know why, please write a comment here!

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